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Ramon Leon

Associate Professor of Weed Biology and Ecology; University Faculty Scholar, GES Center Executive Committee Member

Crop and Soil Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Science


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Dr. Ramon Leon is an associate professor of Weed Biology and Ecology in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, and member of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems and the Genetic Engineering and Society Center of North Carolina State University, USA. Previously, he was an associate professor of Weed Science for row crops and turfgrass systems at the University of Florida, USA professor of Weed Science at EARTH University in Costa Rica, and assistant professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA. His research has focused on understanding population and evolutionary changes affecting weed dynamics in response to agronomic and environmental factors. He has conducted research in California, the Midwestern United States and Costa Rica on crops such as citrus, corn, grapevines, pastures, rice, soybeans, sugar cane, and vegetables. His teaching program is designed to encourage students to practice integrated agroecosystem management and to be socially and environmentally responsible. Dr. Leon is an associate editor for Weed Science, Weed Research, Peanut Science, and previously for Weed Technology, and he is currently in the editorial board of Agronomy.


PhD and MS, Iowa State University; BS, University of Costa Rica


Weed Science, Plant Physiology, Weed Genetics

Grants & Projects

  • Leon, RG (PI) Using 3-D characterization and mapping of cover crops and weeds to fight herbicide resistant weeds and avoid reverting back to tillage-based weed control. USDA-NRCS. Funded, $1.5M. April 2021-May 2024
  • Leon RG (PI) Variable precision planting for site-specific maximization of weed suppression and yield in row crop systems. USDA-CPPM. Funded.$200,000. January 2018-August 2021
  • Leon RG (PI) Southeast Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata-SPARC. USDA-NIFA. Funded. $750,437. July 2017-July 2022

Featured In

Alternative weed control – we’ll have an app for that, 2/9/2021 – Jennifer Howard, Morning Ag Clips

“Researcher and associate professor Ramon Leon‘s interdisciplinary 3-D Weed Vision System aims to equip farmers with DIY imaging technology to reliably anticipate their cover crop’s performance and address weed escapes with precision accuracy.”


  • Outstanding Young Weed Scientist Award, Southern Weed Science Society. 2018
  • Outstanding Weed Scientist Award, Florida Weed Science Society. 2017
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Weed Science Society of America. 2013
  • Research Excellence Award, Iowa State University. 2005

Highlighted Publications

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Reinhardt Piskackova TA, Reberg-Horton C, Richardson RJ, Jennings KM, Leon RG (2020) Integrating emergence and phenology models to determine windows of action for weed control: a case study using Senna obtusifolia. Field Crops Research.

Leon RG, Dunne JC, Gould F (2020) The role of population and quantitative genetics in modern sequencing technologies evolved herbicide resistance and weed fitness. Pest Management Science

Liu W, Kenworthy KE, MacDonald GE, Unruh JB, Trenholm LE, Leon RG (2019) Transgressive segregation and maternal genetic effects of non-target site fluazifop-P-butyl tolerance in Zoysia spp. Weed Science 67:504-509.

Leon RG, Ferrell JA, Mulvaney MJ (2017) Carinata (Brassica carinata) tolerance to preemergence and postemergence herbicides. Weed Technology 31:877-882.

Bravo W, Leon RG, Ferrell JA, Mulvaney MJ, Wood, CW (2017) Differentiation of life-history traits among Palmer amaranth populations (Amaranthus palmeri) and its relation to cropping systems and glyphosate sensitivity. Weed Science 65:339-349.

Leon RG, Bassham D, Owen MDK (2006) Germination and proteome analyses reveal intra-specific genetic variation in seed dormancy regulation of common waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus). Weed Science 54:305-315.