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Watch colloquium videos from the 2013-14 academic year.

Fall 2013

Elizabeth Hennessy - Conserving Evolution in the Galapagos Islands

Amy Circosta - Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

Jennifer Kuzma, Mark Robinson, and Jason Delborne - GES Center Update

Jason Delborne, Jennifer Kuzma, and Mark Robinson - GES Cluster Hire Faculty Intros

Eric Aschehoug, Kevin Gross, Lisa McGraw, and John Godwin - Faculty Career Stories

Rene Valdez, Greg Backus, Andrew Ludvik, Megan Serr, Elizabeth Pitts, and Caroline Leitshuh (2013 Student Cohort) - Channel Islands Summer Course Presentation

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Spring 2014

Russell Powell - Artificial Life Ethics

Laura Severin, Jennifer Kuzman, and MaryWyer - Diversity and Gender Issues

Mark Robinson, Nora Haenn, and Jason Delborne - Presenting Polarized Views on GM in the Media: Balanced, Fair, Neutral, Effective? (NPR Colloquium)

Fred Gould - History and Initial Goals of the NSF-IGERT

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