Course 2

Taught each Fall semester to first year IGERT students

The goal of this course is to give all students an overview of the biological and social issues associated with GPM. Fred Gould (Entomology), Max Scott (Genetics), and Marce Lorenzen (Genetics) will coordinate the course and attend all sessions. The format of the course is two 75-minute lectures per week. Ecological, genetic, sociological, economic and communication principles are introduced at a level accessible by all students, but we then move on to primary literature readings. This is a broad and demanding course. Graduate students/postdocs with more expertise in a specific area will hold informal tutorial sessions with others who have less background. For some population genetics and epidemiology topics, we will have labs in which students will run our user-friendly computer simulation models to obtain a better idea of the dynamics of some GPM methods.

Other faculty members give lectures and/or lead discussions. Faculty members who have been involved with the development and regulation of transgenic crops will help to contrast GPM and transgenic crop issues. This is the first course that a cohort of IGERT students takes on campus and assists in their selection of tentative dissertation topics. It also exposes students to the broad range of IGERT faculty.

Baseline Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students will be able to:

Course Syllabus

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