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The Untold Stories of GMO Pioneers

Keynote speaker Dan Charles, NPR

Keynote Speaker: Dan Charles, NPR food and agriculture correspondent

With Keynote Speaker Dan Charles, Author and NPR Food and Agriculture Correspondent

FREE Event: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 | 5:30-8:00 PM
RECEPTION AT 7:15 PM | HEAVY HOR D’OEUVRES & wine, courtesy of the ges center


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We are living in a genetically modified world, and the science is advancing faster than public understanding can keep up. Join us for Dan Charles’ talk, Myths, Memories, and the History of Agricultural Biotechnology, at the public unveiling of the GES Center, in collaboration with NC State Libraries and the History Department, oral history Archive of Agricultural Genetic Engineering and Society (AAGES). The evening will include a panel discussion from some of the world’s foremost experts on the history, safety, concerns, governance and advancement of genetic engineering in society.

WELCOME & INTRODUCTION: Why build a video archive documenting the inception of agricultural biotechnology? Dr. Jennifer Kuzma, Center Co-Director and project co-lead, will discuss the need for and inspiration behind this project that has captured the stories and wisdom of the pioneers who played pivotal roles in the inception of modern agricultural genetic engineering.

KEYNOTE TALKDan Charles is NPR’s food and agriculture correspondent, and author of Lords of the Harvest: Biotech, Big Money, and the Future of Food, which chronicles the dramatic emergence of agricultural genetic engineering, and features GES Center Co-Director Dr. Fred Gould.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Following Dan’s talk, NC State history professor Dr. Matthew Booker will moderate a panel discussion around the pivotal moments in agricultural genetic engineering in the past thirty years, and the lessons that we can carry forward with us as the field of research continues to advance. Panelists include notable experts:

Scott Johnson, Vice President of Agricultural Biotechnology at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center
Dr. Jean Ristaino, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor,  Director Emerging Plant Disease and Global Food Security Cluster at NC State University
Dr. Allison Snow, Distinguished Professor in Arts and Sciences and Chair, EEOB Graduate Studies Committee at Ohio State University

RECEPTION: Plan to stay for the reception at 7:15, which will include complimentary food, wine and other beverages.