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All colloquia are live-streamed and open to the public, unless specifically noted.

Fall 2018 Colloquium Intro (lunch from Neomonde)

Paul Vincelli – ‘Can CRISPR Displace Crop Pesticides?’

David Resnik – ‘Community engagement in field trials of genetically modified mosquitoes’

Justin Biddle – “Antiscience Zealotry?” Values, Epistemic Risk, and the GMO Debate

Kelly Bronson – ‘From GMOs to big data: the curious disappearance of food politics’

Christopher Cummings – ‘Vaccine Attitudes and Misperceptions’

Shi Chen – ‘Fake News: GMOs and Zika’

Allan Hruska – Fall Armyworm: Towards Sustainable Management by Smallholders in Africa

Fred Gould – Introducing AgBioFEWS

Kelly Nelson – Biofuels Policy and Innovation Spillovers: Evidence from Patent Indicators

Plant Sciences Initiative: Accelerating Discovery and Innovation

Darby Orcutt – Scholarly Identity for an Interdisciplinary and Engaged Career

Katie Barnhill-Dilling & Dalton George – Responsible Research & Innovation in Action: Tales from the Front Lines

Michael Lanier – ‘Impact of GM Crops on Small-Scale Farmers’

Frankenstein at 200: Science and the novel

Spring Colloquium Intro (lunch from Neomonde)

GES Colloquium | Qian Xu – User Engagement in Public Discourse on GMOs

GES Colloquium | Ramon Leon – Weeds and Herbicide Resistant Crops: When Optimism Backfires

GES Colloquium | Fred Gould: AgBioFEWS Potential Paths Forward – Crowdsourcing Input from the GES Community

GES Colloquium | Jennifer Kuzma – Regulating Gene-Edited Crops

GES Colloquium | Natalie Kofler – Editing Nature: Governance hurdles and ethical holes

GES Colloquium | Jason Delborne: The Potential for Biotechnology to Address Forest Health

GES Colloquium | Khara Grieger – Governance Strategies for Emerging Risks of Solar Radiation Management

GES Colloquium | Aditi Mankad – Social Science and Synthetic Biology: Maximising Impact

GES Colloquium | Teshanee Williams – Using Cognitive Story Structures to Examine Influence in the Regulatory Review Process

GES Colloquium | Anna Whitfield – Exploiting the specificity of virus-vector interactions for new disease control strategies

GES Colloquium | Danesha Carley, NC State’s New Center for Excellence in Regulatory Science in Agriculture

GES Colloquium | Emily Pechar – Beyond Political Ideology: Attitudes Towards Government and Corporations on Trust in Science

GES Colloquium | Ross Sozzani and Cranos Williams on RiseEnAg for Systems Engineering and Agriculture

GES Colloquium | Lisa M. Rasmussen – What WWII Scabies Experiments Teach Us About Unregulated Research


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GES Colloquium meets weekly on Tuesdays at 12pm in the 1911 Building, Room 129. All are welcome to attend, but those wishing to receive 1 credit for attending should register for GES 591-002.

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